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They also generally either order coupons from a clipping service or purchase mass amounts of Sunday newspapers — and copies of anything costs money. Those costs are certainly not mentioned in the final tally.

Not all stores will double. Policies vary greatly, even by regions within the state.

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The good? People who need to save have been able to start renovating their grocery spending and working their way out of debt. The bad? Extreme Couponing encourages unreasonable practices like coupon misuse, shelf-clearing, overbuying and hoarding. Stores and manufacturers now tend to view ANY couponer as those featured on the show, looking for ways to abuse the system. Store coupon policies and manufacturer coupon fine print have become more strict — and with cashiers on high alert for coupon fraud, honest coupon-users tend to suffer, being falsely accused of illegal methods when redeeming coupons in the store.

I find it disturbing to watch Extreme Couponing. It is a variation of Hoarders, Buried Alive. It seems selfish and unhealthy to me.

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It makes them appear selfish and mentally unhealthy. Thank you so much for your candid and factual review of the TLC show! I am a single mother of two boys, I have always used coupons even when I was young and single and married feeding a family. No, I am not a hoarder and I coupon to make ends meet.

Reader Q & A: Is Extreme Couponing really possible in Michigan?

So that when my boys ask to go to a movie or do something special I have the little extra money to say yes and do it. Thank you for your website, I refer to it often and I appreciate the time you must have to put into it. There are some people who i know who do this type of shopping. They will spend hours in different supermarkets buying excessive quanities of products with couponss trying to save money. In my opinion it does not justify buying every box of Rice Krispies on the shelf unless you have a family who eats the cereal all of the time.

I think that the show promotes misuse of coupons and coupon policies. Shelf-clearing is the most irritating practice to me. Slow and steady wins the race….

I agree with some of the other comments. When people at my work found out I coupon-ed they would ask me where my stock pile was and how I dealt with my hoarding problem. But seriously, Jolyn, thank you so much for all you do. I just referred my mom to your site so she can start couponing.

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  8. You hit the nail on the head, Jolyn! The average person coupons to save money not buy every item on a store shelf just because they can. My son is away at college and I buy him supplies he need while away from home. My son did make the comment that at least now I buy name brand stuff instead of store brands! A little time, effort and of course, this site can save you a lot of money! Thank you so much for all you do!

    Glad this topic came up. I was hit with an unexpected financial crisis about four years ago. By using local websites like this one for over 18 months I was able to do surprisingly well by shopping sales and using coupons. Once Extreme Couponing came on TV that more or less shot my best deals. Yeah you can get some deals but not like you used to.

    Both are making a small amount of money, but it primarily is pumped right back into maintaining the sites. They know they're small potatoes compared to the giants with huge budgets promoting coupons and discounts around the country, but believe area consumers will pay attention and check out the bargains at local sites. Online only a month, Curtis had 1, visits to her site the first week. Hull gets about 5, visits a month since she started her blog in October.

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    Interest for both sites is steadily growing. Both say the effort is much harder then they envisioned, but feel it's time well spent. Neither woman would share her investment costs, but the effort is starting to pay off. Hull and Curtis already are working on redesigning their sites. Saving time for others In the meantime the savings offerings go on. For herself, Hull says she consistently saves 90 percent on personal care items, while grocery items are more challenging.

    West Michigan groceries typically do not conduct the double or triple coupon redemption wars found around the country or even on the east side of the state. I love getting feedback and knowing that other people are benefitting from this, too. Her site includes a wealth of tips and advice on donating, as well as information for everything from understanding coupon lingo to other favorite savings links. Elissa Hillary, executive director of Local First , which works with local independent businesses to educate the community about the importance of local spending, says the new web sites can only help make people more aware of supporting area business.

    In a survey taken two years ago, one in five consumers in Kent County were aware of Local First and where they were spending their money, of which 73 percent out of every dollar spent at an independent business stays within the community. Hop In Deals. Contact Subscribe. Mary Radigan Thursday, June 24, Sign up here to get Rapid Growth in your inbox every Thursday morning. Across Our Network. Source: Concentrate. Source: Southwest Michigan's Second Wave. Source: Rapid Growth.

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