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Chistiane Northrup that uses pueraria to deliver anti-aging benefits. Amata makes products ranging from body lotions and facial creams to the menopause supplement. Northrup has a fairly large following. We also were concerned that Dr. In an act of transparency, the makers of Amata have opted to post consumer reviews both good and bad on the official website, much in the way that Amazon does.

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Surprisingly, the reviews listed were mixed and appear to have been left alone by the site admin. My skin and hair look fantastic.

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Felt like I was back having uncomfortable periods again. I like the drops better than the capsules though not the taste , as they helped moisten things up within a few days. Amata seems to provide some clear cosmetic benefits to women and there are few reports of any negative side effects. Despite not listing any clinical studies or safety warnings for this product, it should be safe for most users. Northrup is a well-regarded part of the medical community and the reviews do vouch for at least some of the advertised benefits.

Many of the women who reviewed this product mentioned that pueraria mirifica worked wonders on their skin, helped them overcome vaginal dryness, and restored a certain youthfulness.

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This all sounds great, but it seems this root may be better off staying in the beauty vertical, rather than the menopause relief space. Click here for a look at the menopause pills that will leave you feeling younger.

Amata Review (UPDATED ): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

In terms of its use as a menopause supplement, we believe that there are better options available than Amata. Amata has some obvious benefits. Many of the past consumers mention this product has helped them look younger and more refreshed, as well as help them deal with the vaginal dryness many women experience during menopause. However, many users claimed Amata was not particularly useful in treating the more uncomfortable effects of menopause like hot flashes and night sweats, nor the emotional ones like anxiety, mood swings or hormone-related depression.

Outside of the Amata website, there are few mentions of pueraria and its effect on menopausal women, and even though this product has a reputable spokesperson standing behind it, there are no published studies featured on the webpage. Femmetrinol is made safely according to current cGMP practices. Miss Selfridge Retail Coupons. Harrods UK Coupons. Halston Heritage Coupons. Sunspel Clothing Coupons. Spiegel Coupons.


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By the grace of Mata Brahmacharini, one is sure to move forward in their life without getting disheartened by the numerous challenges coming your way. Her blessings help the devotees to get rid of selfishness, ego, greed and laziness. It is believed that Goddess Brahmacharini was born to King Himalaya.

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